Flax & Kale

A short walk from sister restaurant Teresa Carles, health food mecca Flax & Kale was launched in August 2014. The stylish interior, designed by Estudi Francesc Pons, is flooded with light. High ceilings and an open layout create a spacious and modern feel.

Self described as a healthy ‘flexitarian’ restaurant, Flax & Kale offers 80% plant based dishes with the remaining 20% of recipes containing oily fish, rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Flax&Kale Veggie Panang Red Curry

Veggie Panang Red Curry (gluten-free and plant based).

The menu caters to a number of dietary preferences. Dishes are carefully marked to show whether they contain raw food, plant based, gluten-free or oily fish ingredients.

Raw foods are dehydrated a temperatures below 48° to retain all their nutritional properties. (Enzymes and vitamins are sensitive to temperatures above 48° and die about 54°).

An example of a raw food dish is the Raw Vegan Lasagne, made with raw zuccini, sauce of fresh and dried tomatoes, baby spinach, cashews, macadamia cheese and basil pesto.

Gluten-free dishes are made without flour, or with a gluten-free flour, such as quinoa, almond, buckwheat or coconut. The Spaghettini PBGF (plant based and gluten-free) is made with rice, mixed seasonal mushrooms, leeks and chile velouté, field wild herbs and coriander.

For some healthy Omega-3 essential fatty acids, try the ‘Tuna loves Wasabi Burger’. Whole grain bread with malt extract and white sesame seeds contains a plump tuna burger patty garnished with scallion, ginger and wasabi mayonnaise.

A variety of fresh cold pressed vegetable juices are available to drink. Get your vitamin fix with the Vegan Vampire (pear, beetroot, carrot, pinapple, orange, lemon and ginger) or boost your defenses with the Virus Killer (pear, purified water, lemon, ginger, honey, echinacea, María Luisa and rock tea).

Cold pressing effectively retains the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients that the vegetables or fruit contain, by not raising the temperature during the juicing process.


Cold pressed juice: ‘Green Medicine’ contains pear, grape cucumber, kale, parsley and dandelion.

Flax & Kale achieves a menu that is delicious, healthy and sustainable for the environment. Prices are reasonable with main courses between 10€ and 16€. Nibbles and starters range between 3.50€ and 12.50€. The juices, which can also be bought to take away, cost around €5.

A weekend brunch is offered between 10AM and 5PM on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

Address: Carrer dels Tallers, 74, 08001 Barcelona
Neighborhood: Ciutat Vella
Opening Hours: 9:30AM to 11:30PM
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Nearest Metro: Universitat
Phone: 933 17 56 64
Website: flaxandkale.com
Instagram: instagram.com/flaxandkale/
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