Barcelona Quizzes

Test your Barcelona knowledge and learn with these fun quizzes!

Catalan Vocabulary Quiz Test your knowledge of everyday words in Catalan.

Barcelona Street Art Quiz Do you know your Pez from your Bronik?

FC Barcelona Quiz Do you deserve to be called a true Barça fan?

Barcelona Trivia Quiz Uncover your inner Barcelona geek.

Casa Vicens Tiles

Barcelona Architecture Quiz How many iconic buildings can you correctly identify?

Spanish Civil War Quiz Test your knowledge of Barcelona in the Spanish Civil War.

Antoni Gaudí Quiz How much do you know about the great Catalan architect?

La Sagrada Família Quiz Do you know the mysteries of Antoni Gaudí’s final work?

Catalan Idioms Quiz Can you speak like a local in Barcelona?

Spanish Idioms Quiz Test your knowledge of Spanish idiomatic expressions.

Vintage Photography Quiz Can you recognize these Barcelona locations?