Barcelona Skateboarding Guide

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Barcelona is widely known as the top skateboarding city in the world and as a mecca for the sport. While Los Angeles is the birthplace of modern skateboarding, Barcelona’s skateboarding culture started to explode after the 1992 Summer Olympics, which modernised and transformed the city. It was the first time the Olympics and Paralympics were held in the same city and a vast amount of money was spent on infrastructure, making everything wheelchair accessible and to build plazas and parks.

Skateboarding is making its debut appearance as a sport at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, with Jaime Mateu (Palma de Mallorca), Danny Leon (Madrid) and Julia Benedetti (A Coruña) representing Spain.

The beauty of the Barcelona, its laid back vibe and the variety of great spots to skate have made it a must visit destination for skateboarders. The city seems like it is built for skateboarding – coming out practically any metro station you will find plazas and great places to skate. Like San Francisco it also has the benefit of hills for riding down.

Skateboarding Places in Barcelona

Barcelona offers fantastic skate spots across the city with flat smooth ground and rails, from beside the sea to urban spaces in the heart of the city. Here are the top spots, starting with MACBA, the epicenter of skateboarding in Barcelona.


MACBA Skateboarding


The MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art) is undoubtedly the most iconic street skating spot in Barcelona. Among the features that make it popular a massive long single ledge. Skateboarding is officially allowed at MACBA on Tuesdays and Sundays after 2:30PM, but normally there are skaters there every day of the week.

Skatepark De La Mar Bella

Skatepark Mar Bella


Skatepark De La Mar Bella is situated by the sea and features curved bowls and ramps. The park has several areas catering to different levels of skill. The snake run allows long-distance skating and leads to an area with three pools.

Skatepark de Les Corts

Skatepark de Les Corts


A relatively new spot, Skatepark de Les Corts is located under an overpass and features ramps and stairs. It is ideal for beginner classes and for learning.

Los Jardines de las Tres Chimeneas

Los Jardines de las Tres Chimeneas


Los Jardines de las Tres Chimeneas on avenida Paral-lel is a lively spot and also features some great street art.

Sants Station

Sants Station Skateboarding


Sants used to be the main skate spot in the city. The area outside Sants Station has ramps, granite benches for grinds and a partially covered area to provide shelter from the sun. (See also: Zero “Dying To Live”)

Fòrum Skate Park

Fòrum Skate Park


Parc del Fòrum, located between the district of Sant Martí in Barcelona and Sant Adrià de Besòs, was originally built for the Universal Forum of Culture and hosts some of Barcelona’s largest festivals. The concrete skate park has an open bowl, a bank with ledge and rails.

Plaça de la Universitat

Plaça de la Universitat features 3 long granite ledges back to back and the pavement is also very smooth. Update: I have not seen many skaters here recently, they may be getting told to leave by police.

Agora Skatepark

Skate Agora


Located beside Badalona beach, Skate Agora in Badalona is a public plaza 100% dedicated to skateboarding. Designed by California Skateparks, it’s the first and only in Europe to be certified by the Street League Skateboarding to be prepared to host international competitions. The 5,000 sqare meter space include hubbas, quarter pipes, and flat rails.

Skatepark Favència

Skatepark Favència


After the success of the X Games Barcelona in 2013, the city council decided to invest in facilities for action sports. The 2,200 square meter Skatepark Favència was built in 2015 and remodeling the area cost over 350 thousand euros. Situated in the Nou Barris district, the park features 3 bowls, a snake-run and a street zone with various levels.


Nevermind Bar

Nevermind Bar El Raval


Nevermind Bar in El Raval is popular among skateboarders and even has its own skate bowl.

Nevermind Bar


The owners previously worked at Manchester Bar and share a passion for grunge music and skateboarding.

Manolo Bar

Manolo Bar in El Raval has skateboards on the wall and skate videos playing in the back. It has a more chill atmosphere than Nevermind and offers cheap beers and tasty mojitos.

Barcelona Skateboarding Events

Skate Love Barcelona A unique international music festival on wheels, dedicated to a community that shares the passion for music, dancing and rolling in a social and multicultural environment.

Extreme Barcelona Features urban sports with skateboarding, BMX, scooter and roller freestyle competitions.

Street League Skateboarding (SLS) The world’s premier street skateboarding competition series.

Skateboarding Stores

Rufus Skateshop


Rufus Skateshop Situated right by the MACBA, Rufus offers skateboarding hardware, shoes, soft goods and accessories.

Furtivo Skateboarding Furtivo in El Poblenou has a wide range of decks, trucks, wheels and skate clothing.

State BCN In State BCN you will find all the references of skateboarding and urban culture.

Amigos Skate Shop Clothing, shoes and skateboards on Carrer del Dr. Dou in El Raval.

Tactic Surf Shop Tactic offers surf, skate and snowboard products and clothing.

Hey Ho Established in 2004, Hey Ho represents the most authentic and underground side of skateboarding.

Where to Stay

Sant Jordi Hostel Sagrada Familia


The Sant Jordi Hostel located close to La Sagrada Família features an interior mini-ramp, skateboarding-themed rooms, boards lining the walls and pro skater guests.

Sant Jordi Hostel



Barcelona Skateboarding Facebook Page Ideas, photos and videos about skateboarding in Barcelona.

MACBA Life Highlight videos from the famous plaza.

Kilian Martin: A Skate Regeneration

A stunning video mixing skateboarding with iconic locations in and around Barcelona.



What are the laws on skateboarding in Barcelona?

In 2006, the Barcelona city council introduced a bylaw prohibiting skateboarding outside of specifically designated areas. However, Barcelona remains one of the most liberal cities in Europe with regard to skateboarding.

Who are the top skaters in Barcelona?

Daniela Terol (@daniela_terol), Marcel Cama (@marcelcama.o), Joan Galceran (@joangalceran), Javier Sarmiento (@sarmientojavi) and Kristian Krasimirov (@kristiankrasimirov) are among the top skateboarders in the city.