KOETANIA BARCELONA is an independent jewellery brand co-founded by Daniel Bellido, a sculptor and jeweller for 20 years and Marta S. Blanco, a former architect with 8 years of experience as a jeweller.

The workshop draws inspiration from daily life and is situated in the colorful Poble Sec neighborhood, known for its restaurants and theaters.


The most recent collections are “RESPIRA” (“Breathe”) and “VOLARE” (“Fly away”).

The “RESPIRA” collection finds inspiration from the tides of the ocean. The work focuses on fluid shapes and oxidation to recreate ocean colours.

“VOLARE” was created after watching an impressive number of storks flying away at the end of the summer. This collection features birds and uses a touch of aquamarines.

Jewellery ranges from silver pieces of 50€ up to gold and platinum pieces of 3000€. The open workshop reveals the artwork in progress as the shop and workshop areas are fully connected.

The Barcelona City Council has named KOETANIA as the best new shop in the city and the Catalan Government awarded the brand with National Craftsmanship Award.

The brand pays special attention to the selection of their partners, only using gems from non-conflict areas and suppliers following eco-friendly procedures.

Customer service follows the rule of 3 “R’s” by repairing broken jewels, recycling materials from old jewels into new designs and finally reducing production (offering customized single pieces or limited editions of eleven pieces of each design).

Address: Carrer de Blai, 28, t2 08004 Barcelona
Phone: 93329 63 85
Website: www.koetania.com