Gabriel Casas Exhibition at Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

1. Gabriel Casas. Antena de ràdio de Barcelona, 1930. Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya

Antena de ràdio de Barcelona, 1930.

Gabriel Casas. Photography, information and modernity, 1929-1939.

Gabriel Casas is an important photographer of interwar period. Along with Antoni Arissa he was a Catalan pioneer of the New Vision movement which started in Germany.

The exhibition at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya displays 120 pictures from the period between the 1929 International Exhibition in Barcelona to the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939.

The exhibition covers themes including modernity and the social and political concerns of his time. During the Civil War, Casas worked as a photographer for the Generalitat de Catalunya, in the Departments of Culture, Economy and the Commissariat of Propaganda. After the war, he was sentenced to prison and stripped of his press photographer license. He later dedicated himself to industrial photography, portraits, advertising and illustration.

22/04/2015 – 30/08/2015

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Autoretrat 1931.

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Josephine Baker a l’Exposició de Barcelona 1930.

8. Gabriel Casas. Morawitz a l'interior d'un automòbil Bugatti, 2n Premi Sitges d'automobilisme. Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya

Morawitz a l’interior d’un automòbil Bugatti, 2n Premi Sitges d’automobilisme.

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Sala de ball Barcelona 1930-1933.