Above: Hassun, the second course which sets the seasonal theme of the traditional Kaiseki Japanese dinner

Yashima means “Japan” in the ancient Japanese language. The restaurant opened in 1989 with the mission of bringing genuine Japanese culture to Barcelona. Management has been passed down to a second generation of the Yamashita family.

Yashima restaurant has a unique space, divided into different areas. At the top is the sushi bar and a lounge with the teppan yaki area where food is prepared in front of guests. On the lower level there are three kotatsu (traditional Japanese tatami rooms with tables at the floor level) and a zashiki for private celebrations.

Kaiseki Tasting Menu

Starting September 7th, Yashima will introduce the Kaiseki tasting menu; not only about trying different plates, it is more about feeling Japanese culture. The tradition, seasonality, richness of ingredients and the craftsmanship of Japan are transmitted through the experience of the 9 course dinner. The price of the tasting menu is €69 per person with tax, including desserts and coffee. Ingredients and dishes change depending on the season.

In addition to the restaurant, Yashima offers professional catering services. Yashima is part of Yamashita Group which also owns Yamadori restaurant in Eixample, dating back to 1977.

Address: Av. de Josep Tarradellas, 145, 08029 Barcelona | View Map
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 13:00-15:30 and 20:30-23:30
Phone: 934 19 06 97
Web: instagram.com/yashimarestaurant/