Spanish Idioms 〜 Speak Like a Local

Estar como una cabra. Literally means to be like a goat and is used to mean acting strange or crazy.

Es pan comido. Literally means it’s eaten bread and is used to mean something easy, similar to ‘It’s a piece of cake’ in English.

Hablar sin pelos en la lengua. Literally means to speak without hairs on the tongue and is used to mean speaking directly or without ‘mincing words’.

Me la suda. Literally means ‘I sweat it’ and is used to mean ‘I couldn’t care less’.

Dar la vuelta a la tortilla Literally means ‘To turn the omelette around’ and is used to mean to reverse the situation, similar to ‘turning the tables’ in English.

Ponerse de mala leche Literally means ‘To put on bad milk’ and is used to mean to become grumpy similar to getting ‘bent out of shape’ in English.

Tener enchufe Literally means ‘To have a plug’ and is used to mean to be well connected.

Ser cuatro gatos Literally means ‘To be four cats’ and is used to mean a small group of people.

Así es la vida Literally means ‘Such is life’ and has the same meaning as ‘that’s life’ in English.

Tener memoria de pez Literally means to have the memory of a fish and is used to mean to have a bad memory or a memory ‘like a sieve’.

Entre broma y broma, la verdad se asoma Literally means ‘Between joke and joke, the truth peeps out’.

Te tira los tejos Literally means ‘to throw the roof tiles’ and is used to mean to flirt with someone.

Disfrutar como un enano Literally means ‘to enjoy yourself like a dwarf’ and is used to mean to have a great time, similar to the expressions ‘to have a ball’ or ‘to have a whale of a time’ in English.

Hace su agosto Literally means to ‘make your August’ and is used to mean ‘make a lot of money’ or to ‘make a killing’. Can also be used to mean to get a lot of pleasure from or ‘have a field day’.

Más vale pájaro en mano, que cien volando Literally means ‘a bird in the hand is better than a hundred flying’ and is used to mean appreciate what you have rather than what is out there. Similar to the English idiom ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’.

No saber ni papa Literally means to ‘know not even a potato’ about something. Means to have no idea about something, or to not ‘have a clue’.

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