Immerse yourself in Authentic Catalan Gastronomy with Sazón

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Are you thinking about what to eat for dinner? Or where to eat the best Paella in Barcelona?

Sazón The Folk Cook extends an invitation to embark on an exceptional culinary adventure to discover secret food sites in Barcelona like a local and taste exquisite dishes in the warmth of homes where mothers and grandmothers open their doors to welcome travelers with open arms.

Sazón are a team founded on love and pride for the gastronomic richness of Spain, we strive to distance ourselves from conventional tourist spots, and offer unique experiences with exceptional local cooks, who have dedicated their entire lives to feeding their families, and they enthusiastically share the recipes that characterize them with the best of their cities, preparations that combine fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Barcelona’s Gastronomy

When we talk about the best things to do in Barcelona, the sea, the mountains, the architecture, the people, and their food are key points to connecting with the real essence.

The authentic Mediterranean gastronomy tells a unique story that blends the richness of its mountainous interior with the fresh flavors of the sea, which has shaped its gastronomy over the years as an international treasure.

The combination of ingredients that have evolved over the years, transcending borders, and conquering palates from around the world, makes it a magnet for travelers who are looking for cultural discovery through good food and explorers of new culinary horizons.

More than Just Food

The experience of eating with the locals, begins on our website, where you can personalize your experience and check details of the menu to taste, homes and the host’s information.

The menus include local food, that is selected directly from the family cookbook of our hosts and consists of at least one starter, a main dish, and a delicious dessert, all accompanied by drinks and beverages included in the final price.

Our hosts, despite not being professional tourists, they will put all their love into offering you an authentic and unforgettable experience, with the charisma that characterizes them.

You will share your experience only with your guests; however, we keep the option open for those who wish would share a good conversation with the hostess and a delicious dessert, coffee, or glass of wine, adding a personal and warm touch to your experience.

You can live experiences in Barcelona and all of Spain. The best typical Spanish food near you can be found at the following link:

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