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Finding an ideal property in Barcelona can be a complicated, stressful and time consuming business. Radix Barcelona was created in 2017 to address these issues and make the property buying experience smooth, efficient and effective.

The name Radix is also the Latin word for roots, reflecting the mission of finding outstanding properties where clients can be happy to plant roots of their own in Barcelona.

Radix Barcelona founder Esther saves her clients time and money as well as making the purchase comfortable by making sure there are no legal or other problems.

A highly experienced buyers agent, she draws on her local real estate market expertise to guide clients through the process of finding their dream home in Barcelona.

Esther takes her clients on a three step journey to finding their ideal property: dream, find and enjoy


The process begins with discussing the dream Barcelona property and its qualities. An ‘ideal home’ profile is then created that includes price, location, size, and features.

Esther searches across multiple platforms and her network of local real estate agents to identify the properties that fit the ideal home profile. The best options are previewed in person first to ensure they live up to expectations, which is of course a big time saver for the client.

The prospective buyer benefits from Esther being able to work with all agents in the market and their different product offerings, in trying to find the best match for each search. For seller’s agents there is an upside to working with verified buyers and because Radix does not take any commission or other incentives from the seller or their agent, an unbiased point of view is ensured.


Having identified properties that fit the ideal home criteria, the next step is to schedule client visits with the listing agents. Esther accompanies her clients during visits to facilitate communication. In being present she is also able to document additional information about the property and help point out features and challenges that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Once a dream home has been found, Esther assists with a comparative price analysis, arranging a technical inspection and the purchase negotiation. Then, an offer strategy will take into account multiple factors, such as the current status of the market, the work that needs to be done on the property, the location and client budget.

Esther also offers guidance throughout the contract process. This typically involves two steps: the preliminary contract (Arras) and the sales contract (Escritura publica de la compraventa). At the signing of the preliminary contract, a 10% down payment is typically made. Depending on the needs of the client, Esther can connect clients to a multilingual independent lawyer or notary here in Barcelona.


Esther represents and protects the interests of her clients by accompanying them throughout the entire property buying process, from start to finish. She also offers post-purchase services such as organizing renovations, assistance with moving, and setting up utilities and home insurance. In this way clients are able to move in and finally enjoy their dream home as quickly as possible.


Originally from The Netherlands, Esther became an expert in finding quality properties in Barcelona and Catalonia through her experience as manager of a real estate portfolio (including homes, commercial real estate and parking places).

She is qualified and registered as a real estate agent (AICAT #7819), although she does not work as a seller’s agent. Being multilingual and speaking Dutch, English, Spanish, German and Catalan, she is able to work with local parties and is a perfect spokesperson to have on the ground in Barcelona.

Contact Esther by phone or email to set up a free consultation.

Tel: +34 647 588 569 Email: info@radixbcn.com Address: Rambla Catalunya, 72 2º-3ª 08007 Barcelona | View Map Website: radixbcn.com

“When dealing with me, you will not only find a professional partner in Barcelona but a friend and someone that shares your excitement for finding your next home or investment.”