Planelles Donat

Planelles Donat is one of the oldest shops in Barcelona, famous for its outstanding horchata, ice cream and turrón.

The story begins in 1850 when the ancestors of the Planelles family sold turrón in a Christmas Fair held in Plaça Reial and La Rambla.

Planelles Donat specializes in offering traditional sweets. Made with a base of almond, honey and sugar, Torró de Xixona and Torró d´Alacant are the two most famous varieties. A careful selection of raw materials and traditional production has made Planelles Donat a reference of quality in Barcelona.

Horchata (Orxata) is the quintessential summer drink, not just because it cools during the warmer months, but because it also provides many nutrients beneficial to our health. Made by hand, using only ground nuts, water and sugar, horchata is rich in phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins C and E. In addition it provides many enzymes that help digestion and facilitate and enrich our bacterial flora. It is highly recommended for children, the elderly and athletes.

Ice creams are completely handmade with the best produce and ingredients. Popular flavors include turrón, pistachio, truffles and chocolate. Planelles Donat also offers Cubans (ice cream and horchata) Black and White (iced coffee with ice cream) and the mix of cinnamon horchata with iced coffee – all excellent ways to cool off in the summer!

Address: Avinguda del Portal de l’Àngel, 27, 08002 Barcelona
Phone: 933 17 34 39