Pinza’t  began 15 years ago when sculptors Samuel Nualart and Dolça Teruel launched a workshop in Barceloneta with the idea of combining recycled materials with original art paintings. The concept was inspired by the graffiti scene in NYC during the ’70’s when trains and subways were moving canvases of street artists. Similarly, the bags of Pinza’t bags are moving pieces of unique art, carried through the city. Biking is a theme at the shop: bags are adapted for bikes and accessories such as pedal straps, u-lock carriers and bike seats are also available.

Pinzat Barcelona

Pinza’t operates as a collective; Sam and Dolça paint and sew all the products and other artists collaborate in the project by painting. Starting with only 4 artists, Pinza’t has grown to 35 artists from all over the world, mostly based in Barcelona. Six years ago the collective moved from Barceloneta to El Born.

Pinzat Bag

Pinza’t uses tough and durable materials such as truck canvas (3 layered pvc), seatbelts and even incorporates seatbelt buckles. The long lasting waterproof ink they use is the result of two years of research and helps to prevent the artwork from fading.

Address: Carrer de Grunyí, 7, 08003 Barcelona
Phone: 931 27 49 35