Oishii, Ramen Street

Oishii, Ramen Street Barcelona

Japanese Street Food in the Heart of Barcelona

“Oishii” in Japanese means “delicious” and that is what this new restaurant located near Plaça Urquinaona want their guests to think after tasting their specialties, which reflect the urban spirit of Japanese gastronomy.

The street inspires everything in the restaurant, from the succulent ramen dishes and Japanese tapas, to the interior decoration which emulates a street scene with shutters, luminous signs, windows and graffiti. The setting transports the diner to one of the lively streets of a large Japanese city.

The space near the entrance has views of the kitchen and provides a convenient place to eat something quick at the bar or at tables with stools. Towards the back there is a more spacious dining area that can accommodate larger groups.

Urban Japanese Street Food

Gyozas, yakitori, takoyaki, baos, crispy chicken wings and edamame are among the delicious street inspired side dishes. The stars of the menu, however, are the ramen dishes made using traditional recipes. A base of broth is prepared over low heat for 12 hours before being combined with fresh Chinese noodles.

Ramen Dishes

The ramen menu include the following hearty creations;

  • The Miso Ramen. Miso broth with chashu (marinated pork), bean sprouts and wakame seaweed with garnish of egg, naruto (pressed fish paste with aromatic herbs), menma (Japanese seasoning made from fermented bamboo shoots) and chive.
  • The Chili Beef Ramen. Broth with veal sauteed with red and green pepper, soy sprouts, fresh chilli and spring onion.
  • The Shoyu Ramen. Broth with soy sauce covered in chashu, egg, naruto, menma and chive.
  •  The Tonkotsu Ramen. Broth topped with chashu, bean sprouts, seasonal vegetables with naruto, menma and chive.

Another standout on the menu is the Katsh Karee de Pollo, a mildly spicy Japanese curry with crispy chicken.

The menu is modified every 15 days with suggestions that are carefully chosen by the managers José Luis Jin Hu and his wife Yan Xu. Their choices are inspired by the tastes of their guests and seasonal ingredients. They describe their formula as follows;

[quote]We only use fresh and quality ingredients, in addition, we try to make everything ourselves, even the sauces. And that is the key to success.[/quote]

José Luis Jin Hu and Yan Xu launched Oishii Ramen Street in October of 2017. Group Ayala Japan has supported the two young entrepreneurs of Chinese origin to establish the brand in Barcelona. Group Ayala Japan was founded in 2003 and owns some of the most highly regarded Japanese restaurants in Madrid. José Luis Jin Hu was born into a family of restaurateurs; his father runs a noodles and sushi establishment in Carrer Nou de la Rambla in the Raval neighborhood.

Address: Ronda de Sant Pere, 26, 08010 Barcelona
Hours: Monday to Sunday: 1:00PM to 4:30PM and from 8:00PM to 11:30PM
Prices: Lunch menu: €11. Average meal price: €18
Phone: 931 46 98 93
Website: www.oishiiramen.com