Museu Marítim de Barcelona

The Drassanes, or Royal Dockyards of Barcelona have a history of over 700 years. Construction began at the end of the 13th century when Pere II ordered the creation of the site to build a fleet to serve Catalan-Aragonese interests in the Mediterranean. Only two towers are left of the original 13th century site, which originally had four towers.

The dockyards were constructed in Catalan civil Gothic style. The ships built in the space were galleys which served for both trade and military use. In 1568 the Galera Reial (Royal Galley) was built at the site and a replica (pictured above) remains in the Main Slipway. The Royal Galley was the flagship of the Christian fleet in the Battle of Leopanto in 1571, which defeated the main fleet of the Ottoman Empire in five hours of fighting on the northern edge of the Gulf of Corinth, off western Greece.

After the war of Spanish Succession (1701–1714) the Borbón monarchy moved the galley contruction to Cartagena. The dockyards were used as an arsenal and barracks. The historical significance of the site also goes futher back. Archaeologists discovered a Roman necropolis dating from the 1st – 6th centuries under the dockyards, including numerous tombs, urns and amphoras.

Address: Av. de les Drassanes, s/n, 08001 Barcelona
Nearest Metro: Drassanes (L3)
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10am to 20pm (access until 19.30h)
Phone: 933 42 99 20

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