Hike from Vallvidrera to Tibidabo

Baixador de Vallvidrera station drops you off right at an entrance to Collserola park. The path leads past Museu-Casa Verdaguer, dedicated to the Catalan writer Jacint Verdaguer.

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Follow the signs to TurĂł del Puig.

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Along the way are some beautiful views of Sagrat Cor church from the back.

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The hike is fairly short, less than 8km.

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Getting closer to Tibidabo you will pass some ornate modernista houses.

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Arriving in Tibidabo you will reach Sagrat Cor and the fun fair.


View from the roof of Sagrat Cor.

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Walking towards  Vallvidrera from Tibidabo you will pass the Torre de Collserola.

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From Vallvidrera you can the funicular train back from Vallvidrera Superior station to Peu del Funicular and then back to the heart of the city – Plaça de Catalunya is only 20 minutes on the ferrocarril train.

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