Espai EGG

In Calle Riereta a variety of gastronomic, artistic and social projects have found a home in the beautiful cafe, event space and cokitchen called Espai EGG.

Espai EGG Barcelona

The new space in El Raval is bringing makers, creators and doers together under one roof to teach, share and experience the ┬┤slow┬┤ philosophy. The project of Alberto Zanrosso (Italy) and Ella Galt (Australia), Espai EGG is primarily a foodie space; with a cafe up front, cooking classes in the back, and a co-working kitchen for chefs in between. In addition, they curate a program of artistic, cultural and social events, collaborating with projects and associations to add value to the local landscape.

By day Espai EGG is opened by collaborators The Deli Kitchen serving up delicious healthy and seasonal breakfast and lunch options accompanied by warm service and specialty coffee. In the evenings the space hosts a variety of activities open to the public; from life-drawing and calligraphy classes, to cinema nights, pop-up dining events and a wide variety of cooking classes. The venue also hosts tailor-made private events, from launches to celebration dinners, and provides modern, farm-to-plate style catering.

The support we’ve received so far has been overwhelming. Friends, coworkers and even people just walking in off the street have jumped at the opportunity to take part in our events; signing up for dinners or coming to us with an idea for a class they want to run or event they want to host.

The ┬┤cokitchen┬┤, with its collaborative approach and commitment to the sharing economy, is home to independent chefs and food projects. Chefs pay per hour to use the fully-licensed production kitchen to prepare catering, street food events and home deliveries. The setup provides an economical solution for the chefs as well as a collaborative environment in which knowledge is exchanged, coworkers are supported, and the oftentimes solitary work of an independent chef becomes a social experience.

The workshop space is home to an array of cooking classes, offered throughout the week by various chefs. Owners Alberto Zanrosso & Ella Galt host specialty organic cooking classes through their own project Bear on Bike and have opened the door to other chefs with a similar commitment to honest food. ┬ĘUntil now, and with virtually no effort on our part, all the right people have found us. Without us imposing anything, the chefs who come to us are invariably interested in organic, sustainable, healthy or alternative cooking┬Ę says Ella.

We wanted to create the kind of space we wish we┬┤d had when we were starting out; a beautiful place to host our events and classes, but also somewhere with a philosophy we could get behind and a real community feeling. That┬┤s what we’re working towards with Espai EGG.

Espai EGG holds its official opening party Sunday March 19th from 3pm onward. All welcome. Full calendar of events at Espai EGG available on the website.

Address: Carrer de la Riereta, 15, 08001 Barcelona
Phone: 633 06 69 86