Barcelona Coliving Spaces

An increasing number of people, such as digital nomads and students, are seeking short term rentals in Barcelona with flexible terms. These rooms and apartments typically come with wifi and utilities included and often have community activities and events. (Pictured above: Houxury).

A Landing Pad A hub community for like-minded location independent professionals, masters students, artists, remote workers visiting the wonderful city of Barcelona to work and be creative.

Aticco Living
Aticco Living

Aticco Living Part of the Aticco family that includes coworking and start-up accelerator Coliving flats and buildings with all the services included. Enjoy a flexible lifestyle sharing experiences with our more than 4,000 members of the Aticco community with many events and activities every week.

Circles Circles is the global boutique co-living platform for conscious entrepreneurs.

Coasis Coliving Coasis is a coliving family in Calafell, a town located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, just one hour from Barcelona. Coasis also has a new location in the Sagrada Família neighborhood.

CoImpact Coliving
CoImpact Coliving

CoImpact Coliving Live and work in the modernist center of Barcelona, in a space with all the necessary comforts, and a team focused on service and hospitality that will facilitate your experience.


Cotown Cotown is a custom-tailored project for all those who decide to study or work in cities like Barcelona or Valencia and want a living space where they will not miss home, because it will be like home. 

Coworkation For digital nomads, remote workers & location independent professionals. Housing available in Eixample and Poble Sec.

Enso Co-living Enso is a human-centric community of alike visionary people seeking continuous life improvements.

Habyt Founded in Berlin in 2017, Habyt now offers hundreds of rooms in multiple European cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Milan and Berlin.


Houxury After eight years of experience in the national and international market in the creation of living spaces, Houxury was born as the first co-living company focused on professionals and postgraduate students.

Kalart Coliving

Kalart Kalart is the first work-life balanced coliving in Barcelona that attracts professionals looking for inspiration and meaningful change. Located in the Parc Natural del Montseny (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, 45 km from the city).

Live It Live It features exclusive rooms in the center of Barcelona and Madrid. We provide all the amenities and security measures to make the most of your coliving experience.

Node Beautiful private apartments and coliving spaces. Enjoy all-inclusive living in a creative global community.

Nomads Coliving We offer a unique living experience for young urban people, who want to live centrally and be part of a community. Our coliving apartments are modern, cozy and bright, with a unique design.

Tribee Villa Zen in Gràcia is an eco friendly coliving space, designed in accordance with feng-shui philosophy, for six residents to enjoy the present, find their inner peace and yin-yang balance.

TSH Barcelona Poblenou
TSH Barcelona Poblenou 

TSH Barcelona Poblenou A new hybrid hotel with a large coworking space. It is located in Cristobal de Moura street, with 293 hotel rooms, a huge coworking space, terrace and pool, high speed wifi, 24/7 access, mailbox, meeting rooms, gym, and restaurant, all in one!

VIU Sagrada Familia The building, currently in construction, is located at 253 Lepanto street. In VIU you will find fully equipped apartments to share between two people and coworking spaces with everything you need to be your most productive self.

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