How to get from Barcelona to Sitges You can get to Sitges is less than an hour on the Renfe R2 Sant Vicenç de Calders train. The train leaves from Estació de França, Passeig de Gràcia and Sants stations.


Gósol is a village situated within Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, to the west of Pedraforca mountain. The ruins of the former town and castle, dating from the 11th century remain on a hill next to the town. Gósol has a museum dedicated to Pablo Picasso, who lived in the village from the spring to August of … Read more

Weekend Escapes: Cardona

If you’d like a weekend that is a little different and not your typical seaside trip, consider a visit to nearby Cardona. Situated about 90km northwest of Barcelona, the historic town sits beside the river Cardener, a branch of the Llobregat. There are two major attractions in Cardona; the striking medieval castle and the nearby … Read more

Prettiest Towns in Catalonia

If you feel like you need a break from the city, in just an hour or two from Barcelona you can find yourself in a gorgeous natural setting, whether by the coast or inland.

Day Trips from Barcelona

Montserrat Montserrat is a multi-peaked mountain range about 50km north-west of Barcelona. It is most famous for the Benedictine abbey, Santa Maria de Montserrat, which hosts the Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary. It is also a popular destination for hiking and rock climbing. You can get to Monserrat by train by going to Plaça d’Espanya and … Read more

Castellfollit de la Roca

Castellfollit de la Roca is a town of about 1,000 residents in the province of Girona, Catalonia. The old town, perched dramatically on a narrow cliff ledge, dates back to the Middle Ages.

Catalan Idiomatic Expressions 〜 Speak Like a Local

Déu n’hi do This literally means ‘God forbid’, but it used as an exclamation like ‘wow’. Aneu a escampar la boira Literally means ‘go scatter the fog’ and is used to say ‘go away’ or ‘get lost’ to someone. Quatre Gats Literally means four cats, but is used to describe a small group of people. … Read more