Collserola Hike from Vallvidrera to La Floresta

This hike covers part of the Camí Romeu to Montserrat on the GR 96 trail through Collserola.

To get to Vallvidrera, take the S1/S2 commuter train at Plaça de Catalunya to Peu de Funicular station.

Peu de Funicular station view

From there take the funicular to Vallvidrera Superior station.

Funicular to Vallvidrera Superior Station

The funicular is connected to Peu de Funicular station and the ride is included in the €2.15 ticket from Catalunya.

Modernist Houses Vallvidrera

Just outside the Vallvidrera Superior station there are some pretty modernist houses with views of Montserrat to the rear.

Entering Collserola

To get to the trail going into Collserola, walk to Plaça de Vallvidrera and turn on Carrer de l’Alcalde Miralles. From there walk past the market and keep going past the library and Escola Nabí. Just after that the trail begins.

Vallvidrera reservoir

After a short walk you will reach the Vallvidrera reservoir. The reservoir provided the old town of Sarrià with drinking water until the end of the 19th century.

GR 96 Trail at Vallvidrera reservoir

At the far end of the reservoir you can enter the GR 96 trail.

GR 96 trail signs

The GR 96 trail is marked with red and white at intersections.

Camí Romeu to Montserrat

Views of Montserrat along the way.

La Floresta Villa

A house in La Floresta on the way to the train station.

Plaça Miquel Ros, La Floresta

The Plaça Miquel Ros, next to the La Floresta station, is a good place to have a drink and something to eat before heading back to Plaça de Catalunya on the train. The train ticket back is €3.

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