Toto Barcelona

Eixample Dreta based Toto is an Italian and Mediterranean inspired restaurant that uses a wide variety of fresh ecological Catalan ingredients as the point of departure.


Malamén is situated on the bustling Carrer de Blai, famous for its Basque style pintxos. The restaurant was founded by a Venezuelan, a Spaniard and a Swedish chef.


Monvínic was founded in 2008 by Sergi Ferrer-Salat and has since become internationally renowned as a center for the promotion of the culture of wine: named as one of the five best wine bars in the world for wine and food pairing by the Food & Wine Magazine and called the best wine bar by the Wall Street Journal.

Zona d’Ombra

Situated in the historic Jewish Quarter in the heart of Barcelona, Zona d’Ombra is a wine cellar and bar (enoteca) offering over 200 national and international wines and and specializing in wines from Catalunya.