Hanbaga and Lucky Road

Tonkatsu Burger, Tsukimi Teriyaki, Lucky Pad Thai, Korean Fried Chicken or Tamarind BBQ Ribs are some of the star recipes of Hanbaga and Lucky Road. Launched in June 2019, the spaces bring the best of Asian street food to the lively part of the Gothic Quarter near the port.

“We want to bring to the Barcelona citizen an Asian fusion cuisine in a 100% authentic environment”

~ Miguel Ron, partner and Managing Director of Hanbaga and Lucky Road

Upon entering the premises of Hanbaga and Lucky Road, you will immediately be transported to the colourful streets of large Asian cities. What stands out most in the two spaces of the restaurant is the authenticity of its atmosphere and its genuine flavors.

“While in Hanbaga the menu focuses on Japanese burgers such as Tonkatsu Burger, made with pork meat breaded in panko, American cheese, lettuce, pickles and tonkatsu sauce; in Lucky Road we have worked a varied menu with dishes like the Korean Fried Chicken or the Tamarind BBQ Ribs “

Both menus use ingredients from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai gastronomy. The term “Hanbaga” refers to Japanese burgers made with a westernized touch.

Address: Carrer Ample, 18, 08002 Barcelona | View Map
Neighborhood: Gothic Quarter
Opening Hours: 1-4PM and 8PM-12AM Monday through Sunday
Web: www.facebook.com/pages/category/Restaurant/Hanbaga-306686616922182/
Price: €€€€€