GetFit BCN

Today I decided to start off my week with a workout on the beach. It is a sunny Monday evening on the 9th of August. As I was arriving at the meeting point, I could hear music in the distance playing from a portable bluetooth speaker, that is when I knew I was close. 

The coach (Zhiyan Pelle) greeted me and introduced me to the others who also just arrived. As we were putting down our belongings on the golden sand, we introduced each other briefly before we heard: “One minute until the workout starts”. I took a moment to look around and take a deep breath, inhaling the scent of the fresh sea, with my feet put in the warm sand.

“Alright, let’s get together” We formed a group around a towel that covered the sand. It was time to warm up. Hands high, hands low, twists, turns, slowly I started to get in the mood, I felt my heart rate gently increasing. I was curious for what was to come next. Now that the warmup was over, it was time to figure out what this GetFit workout was all about.

GetFit BCN

“Today we start off with a challenge, have you ever heard of Tic Tac Fast?” is what the coach asked me. “No, but let’s give it a go” is what I replied. “You are probably familiar with the normal Tic Tac Toe where you have to put X’s and O’s in a “#”. This game is performed with 2 players who battle against each other, the first who has 3 in a row wins. Tic Tac Fast works the same, but the catch is that you have to sprint 10 meters before you can draw your sign.” The coach assigned me a partner. It was a guy around 34 years old and he seemed to be in good shape. But I was up for the challenge.

“On your marks… GO!” We sprinted as fast as we could to the 10 meter mark, I was so focussed that I did not pay attention to where my partner was at first. But it looked like he was behind me. On the way back, I felt a slight breeze passing by and realized that my partner had just passed me by. He put down an X, so it was clear that I was O. The second lap was more difficult than the first, my heart rate was up and I got out of breath quickly. 10 meters does not sound like much, but when you are trying to sprint in the sand, it feels like your legs are made of lead. The last sprint I started to jog, because I wanted to save energy for the “real workout”.

“Well done guys, it is time to get into the workout now, are we a bit warm?” A bit warm? I was more than just a bit warm I thought. “Today we are going to train the back and quadriceps, the first exercise are rows”. This was the part I was waiting for, GetFit uses sandbags for their workouts and I was curious to try what it was like. It is a plastic bag with handles on the outside and it is empty on the inside. You can open it up and fill the bag up with as much sand as you want. This is very handy, because you can adjust the weight to your fitness level within seconds.

Everybody received a sandbag and we had to perform 20 rows. Knees slightly bent, the torso bent forward 90 degrees and I had to pull the sandbag towards my belly. The coach came towards me and corrected my posture. “Back straight, chest out, shoulders backwards and you should feel it in your upper back” he said. Now that my posture was perfect it was time to perform 20 rows. The first 10 were easy and I did not notice it in my back whatsoever, but as we came closer to the 20 I started to feel it better and better. Never did I think that a “proper posture” could make a difference as big as this. The exercise went from painful to enjoyable.

GetFit BCN

After the rows we performed death lifts, squats, lounges, side squats and supermans. The workout was coming to an end and so was my energy. “Guys, it is time for stretching, well done” I heard everyone clap, because this was the sign that the workout was done. I felt tired in a good way, because it felt like I had accomplished something important. It was a great experience to workout with GetFit. Their idea of doing workouts on the beach with sandbags is truly unique. 

If you are looking for a fun outdoors activity then I would recommend you the workouts of GetFit. The way the workouts are structured make it a fun and challenging activity. 

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