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Opera Café & Praliné BX Georgia

Pastisseria Bubó

Bubó is a group of bakeries and restaurants in Barcelona specialized in gourmet homemade products, patisserie, pastries and chocolate. Bubó also offers catering services. Catalan pastry chef  Carles Mampel and the interior design studio Grumax opened the first bubó store in the El Born neighborhood of Barcelona in 2005.  The brand has expanded to open locations […]

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Natalie Capell

Since 2002, Natalie Capell and her team have created garments offering a unique interpretation of modern femininity, combining both delicacy and strength. The garments stand out for their use of transparencies and the embroidery work done by hand. In 2013 the atelier won the National Award for Craft Work. The boutique is actually hidden behind the atelier, recalling the early twentieth century ateliers in […]

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Alsur Cafe Banana Pancakes

Alsur Cafe

Alsur Cafe offers a Lo que quieras, cuando quieras (what you want, whenever you want it) service – in other words, you can have breakfast at 11PM or a cocktail at 9AM. This characteristic has been called the  “southern” attitude and hence the name Alsur. The brunch at Alsur is widely viewed as among the best […]

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