Barcelona Bloggers

La Diosa

Homage to BCN Rob Dobson, a search engine marketing (SEM) consultant from London covers Barcelona restaurants, nightlife and day to day living in his creative and colourful blog. Find Rob on Twitter @H2BCN.

Guiri Girl in Barca Julie Sheridan moved to Barcelona from Scotland in 2011. Working as a freelance writer and translator she also blogs with wit and verve about subjects ranging from Catalan independence to gluten-free Barcelona restaurants. Find Julie on Twitter @guirigirlbarca.

Barcelona Blonde Jessica of Barcelona Blonde is from England originally, but grew up in California before moving to the Catalan capital. One of the most in depth and popular English language Barcelona blogs, Jessica covers recommendations for top things to do in the city, traveling Spain and expat life. Don’t miss her fun series of YouTube videos, which compliment her blog writing. Find Jessica on Twitter @holayessica

Fleas and Dogs in Barcelona The title of this blog is a reference to the the Spanish saying si quieres el perro accepta las pulgas, which means if you want the dog accept the fleas. Raval based blogger Prithika Nair covers the dogs (the obvious good stuff) such as the architecture, art and restaurants that attract so many visitors, while also describing the fleas (quirky, strange or disturbing things) that make up the darker underworld of the city. Find Prithika on Twitter @PrithikaN

Blonde in BCN Glaswegian expat Roisin (Rosh) covers travel and lifestyle, writing about her favorite places in Barcelona as well as her other travels. An aficionado of good food and wine she reveals the hidden gems of the city away from the tourist hordes. Find Rosh on Twitter @roshmcgrath

Las Calles de Barcelona is written by Angela, originally from South London who has been living and working in Barcelona for 8 years. The blog offers inspiring ideas on fun things to do in Barcelona.